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BASE (Bangkok Academy of Sport and Education) is a pioneering full-time football academy based in Bangkok, Thailand. Developed in partnership with the West Ham United Foundation, BASE aims to revolutionize sports education by providing high-quality, professional-level football training that is accessible and affordable.


BASE offers comprehensive football coaching programs for both men and women aged 18 and above. Our training is designed to elevate players' skills to professional standards, providing a pathway to success in the world of football.


This unique collaboration ensures a world-class learning experience. Additionally, our players have the exciting opportunity to travel to London to train with the WHUF Academy as part of the program, gaining invaluable insights and exposure at a professional academy, right at the epicentre of football brilliance.

Experience the Global Football Culture with BASE

Join BASE and gain access to exclusive international training opportunities in collaboration with the West Ham United Foundation. Immerse yourself in the world of European football and elevate your skills to professional standards.

Regular Showcase Events: Unleash Your Skills and Catch the Eye of Scouts

At BASE, we organize regular showcase events where students can demonstrate their football skills to scouts and agents. It's the perfect platform to open doors to professional opportunities and gain global recognition.

Professional Growth

Elevate your skills to professional standards with our comprehensive football coaching programs.

International Exposure

Experience European football culture and standards with our unique international opportunities.

Join BASE and unleash your potential

Experience professional-level football training and unlock global opportunities at BASE.

Our state-of-the-art infrastructure creates an ideal environment for sports training and academic education.


Skill Development

Train with world-class coaches and enhance your skills in a supportive and inclusive environment.

Cross-Cultural Football Journey

Immerse yourself in the rich football culture of Bangkok and London through our unique program.

Alfie and Kevin

Benefits of our Programs

Discover a wide range of high-quality training programs designed to elevate your skills.

Individual Skill Development

Our individual skill development program focuses on enhancing technical abilities, agility, and decision-making skills through personalized coaching and training sessions.

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Team Tactics Training

Our team tactics training program emphasizes teamwork, communication, and strategic play to enhance players' understanding of the game and their ability to perform as a cohesive unit.

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Specialized Position Training

Our specialized position training program focuses on developing the skills and knowledge required for specific positions, such as goalkeeping, defending, midfield play, and attacking.

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Cutting-Edge Training Methodologies

We utilize cutting-edge training methodologies to ensure our players reach their full potential and stay ahead of the game.

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Holistic Player Development Approach

Our programs focus on holistic player development, nurturing talent both on and off the field.

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Customized Training Programs

We offer customized training programs to cater to the individual needs and aspirations of our students.

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Meet Our Team

Experienced coaches dedicated to developing your skills

CEO - Academy Director

Kevin has over 30 years of elite sports experience. Kevin's diverse career includes working with prominent figures across various disciplines. Notable achievements include collaborations with legendary athletes including world champions, Olympians, and Premier League footballers.

Previously working as a football agent, he facilitated high-profile player transfers including in the English Premier League. Kevin's insights and expertise are invaluable additions to our academy, and he looks forward to guiding our students and athletes to success.

Coach Jobpy
Academy Head Coach Women

Coach Jobpy, a former professional footballer in Thailand and Japan and a World Cup player for Thailand, offers unmatched expertise in coaching. Holding an A License and soon starting her Pro-License, she's among Thailand's most qualified female coaches.

Currently an assistant coach for the Thai National team, her experience and dedication significantly contribute to the sport's growth in Thailand.

Coach Adem
Academy Head Coach Men

Adem brings extensive experience, having led a dynamic team of performance academy coaches and managed strength and conditioning for the WHUF under-16s women's youth team.

Adem will work with all the players ensuring they are ready for any showcase trials or trips to London for training with the coaches from the WHUF Academy.

Khun Kuk
Head of Player Welfare / Family Relations

Introducing our Head of Player Welfare, dedicated to the safety and well-being of every athlete and their families. With a focus on nurturing a supportive environment, Kuk will work closely with players and families to ensure their needs are met.


Coach Sammy
Coach Sammy
Consultant – Psychology and Mindset

Coach Sammy brings his experience and expertise as a former Arsenal WFC Academy Head Coach/Education Lead, he is a UEFA B Licensed coach with BA Hons & MSc Sports Psychology.

Coach Sammy is currently working towards his sports Psychologist accreditation via BASES. Coach Sammy leads our psychology and mindset sessions.

group of students with West Ham United Foundation coaches standing in a goal in London at the WHUF Training Centre

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about our training programs, coaching, and cultural exchange opportunities.

BASE is in search of dedicated and skilled student-athletes intent on enhancing their football prowess. It is tailored for players ready to thrive in an international soccer setting. We are in search of serious, talented student-athletes committed to both their personal and athletic development. BASE provides an environment conducive to excelling at the next level, fostering growth in an international context.

We welcome individuals aged 18 and above, with the opportunity for exceptional players from age 16 to join as day students, provided they are permanently based in Thailand holding a Thai passport or a valid education visa prior to applying.

At BASE, we offer a very limited number of scholarships for aspiring footballers. These scholarships are not solely based on football talent; they are awarded based on financial need or other specific criteria. To be eligible for a scholarship, players must either hold a Thai passport or be a resident in Thailand with a valid visa prior to initiating the application process. Applicants must demonstrate a genuine need for financial support or meet particular conditions beyond their skills on the pitch. Due to the limited availability, we encourage prospective applicants to thoroughly prepare and submit their applications early, ensuring they meet all residency, legal, and need-based requirements for consideration.

By enrolling at BASE, you gain access to an optimal environment for aspiring professional footballers. However, we do not guarantee a transition to professional status, nor do we promise signings, placements, or professional contracts. Our commitment is to ensure that each player reaches their full potential. At BASE, we focus on aiding your development of a career plan within the international football industry, exploring various career paths such as coaching, scouting, operations, and more, to lay the groundwork for your unique football journey.

Our Head Coaches constantly evaluate players in conjunction with their Individual Development Plans (IDPs). As soon as we assess that players are ready, we proactively organise their participation in our showcase trials. Additionally, we facilitate visits to London for training sessions with the WHUF Academy teams. These opportunities are not only pivotal for exposure but also provide players with invaluable feedback on their potential and prospects in Europe. We actively champion our players' success, as their achievements promote and elevate our academy. Our aim is to ensure that each player receives the guidance and experiences necessary to gauge and enhance their chances of success in the European football landscape.

BASE's programme includes professional training by West Ham United Foundation and Thai National Team coaches, elite competitions, and continuous performance monitoring. We offer top-notch gym facilities, an academic excellence program, football career qualifications, and comprehensive medical insurance. Nutritious meals, premium accommodation, and optional London trips to train with the WHUF Academy are also part of our holistic development approach for aspiring footballers.
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